A few years ago, two friends began talking about all the cool things they’d seen online, and the huge gulf of ideas that were not yet online but should be; Beautiful Jewelry, Crystals and Natural Curio, Statues and candles and all things Addams Family.  It wasn’t until these friends became partners under one roof that we were able to start putting our plans into action.

Resonant Void is a culmination of things we wanted to purchase or see in our own lives that we (a) didn’t already see online in mass quantities, (b) were entirely out of our price range, or (c) wanted to make that were not available to sell. Some of the things we enjoy don’t always have an easy place on the internet due to fear of the harassment one gets by selling them. Through our art, we hope to make friends with the uncomfortable space between oddity and taboo, and bring all of the beauty of darkness into a place where people can enjoy it while still being respectful.

Our business is based on transparency and ethical crafting. Because of this, we promise to use environmentally safe(r) mediums, recycle what we can not sell, and create as little physical waste as possible. Natural items (bones, carapaces, gemstones, etc.) are sourced from no-kill/ethical collectors and fair trade distributors. If you ever have a question about an item’s origins, please contact us so that we can assuage your concerns. We may be dark and ooky-spooky, but we’re also animal-loving, environmentally-conscious conservationists.

Aster Lazuli

is a renascence soul who has been doing illustration, sculpture (in bone and stone), and classical hand-bound tomes for decades. They work largely with handmade items using simple tools & a boatload of patience, and are constantly studying new techniques. They are inspired by the design concepts of H.R. Giger, Warhammer, Ossuaries, and the Eternal Void.

Dark, Darker, Yet Darker Still.


has been working largely with resin & metalwork for the last 10 years, including jewelry-work for other online shops. They have an Associates in World Religion (specializing in animistic religions) and a BA in fine arts with a focus on printmaking and illustration. They were born and raised in the US before moving to Canada, with their spiritual practice being largely Shaivism/Shaktism; They are a competent root-worker in American Hoodoo/Folk magick  (alongside Southern Voodoo) and Scottish/Welsh Craft Traditions.