It’s finally happening; price increase due to economic instability + inflation

This is absolutely not an update I’m happy about making, and I apologize that we couldn’t hold it off any longer. For those of you on our Newsletter, you already knew this was due since we talked about it in April or so. Add to this a Saturn-retrograde emotional shitstorm of a day and you can bet I’ll be going to bed early just to get the taste of this all out of my mouth.

For anyone who happens to be a ghost, living in a non-industrialized nation, or otherwise crawling out of a Fallout 4 style shelter of some kind, the world is in a deeply fucked up place right now. America is busy putting the gas on attempting to strip people of their civil liberties, Russia keeps threatening nuclear war every time it loses battleground in an immoral and illegal war against Ukraine, and even here in Canada the cost of living keeps going up up up without the promise of additional monetary or social support. I’ve been stuck in immigration so long I don’t even know if they are going to just show up some day and take me away from my partner, so luckily I don’t have to worry about losing anything because I’m still stuck in a position where the country does not recognize me as a human being. 🔥🔥💀👍🔥🔥

We have to raise prices. Not a lot, but a few dollars on each item. I’ve also gone through an lowered a whole bunch of items that dont have as strong sales, and will eventually phase out things as interest in them dies. Aster & I are not happy about this because as adults with a very very limited income, we know how hard it is to not know how long a paycheck will get us 6 months ago, let alone now when it seems like groceries, gas, and utilities are surging while corporate pay does not. It ain’t easy being a small business, and every single order helps us out. We don’t care if you only want to get one thing; every single order helps us out.

There are new items being worked on by both Aster and myself at the moment, and with those updates will come updated images on our very-outdated image-banner-slideshow-thingy at the top of the main page. (My brain is absolute shite right now.)

Take care, goblins and ghouls, of both yourselves and others around you. Late Stage Capitalism is a bitch, and only compassion, empathy, and perhaps a worldwide revolution against The Rich™ is going to make the bar move in a positive direction, and I’ll be damned if my fat ass isn’t ready for some ‘rich piggy meat’.