Oh snap! We have a newsfeed now!

Hello hello, boils & ghouls! DOSS reporting live at… our apartment? As you may have noticed, we are slowly trying to update our website to be more consistent as a dual “shop + blog” page. We originally tried to set everything up as a stand-alone shop, but making that happen without having a full-time website team (as opposed to just myself 👻) has been a hot-nightmare-mess, so that was scrapped a while back to allow for us to do all of the shop stuff on Etsy and the website stuff on, well, the website.

On top of this, Aster has been working off their boney lich behind towards keeping up with the Facebook page, as well as our new Twitter account! (They are much better at being consistent with updates than I am. My body’s current software + hardware are broken and there is no ETA on a fix. I’m basically the “ehn, it’ll do” version of a human being.)

This little update is the start of larger things that we are hoping to do with the website, namely to add our Etsy shop as a viewable, cart-ready section within the website meat that once was. We were originally hoping that we would have a rotating blog/essay section where we talk about things that we are interested in related to the site, including information tidbits that others might find helpful in their own Spiritual Work, whatever form it takes. I can speak for myself that when my spiritual/metaphysical journey began around 30 years ago, it was a lot different than where it currently is. ‘Sharing is Caring’ in that respect, and I want to help in whatever menial way I can to let all of the other spoopy ‘chillins of the world know that they are not alone. Aster and I have already discussed a few different things we would like to see on the upcoming “articles of possible interest” section*, and so in hopes that I can remember enough layout design to make these work as stand-alone pages, I will be tooling with that on and off.

I will leave the information on our upcoming YEG shows for our newsletter völken at this time. (Ouch. Cliffhangers are cruel.)

Stay safe, stay kind and get your fucking COVID vaccine if you haven’t already! We don’t care where you are on the political spectrum just as long as you are doing what you can to protect others & yourselves.

* The section name is still being heavily work-shopped. I didn’t know what else to call it as it’s almost 1:00AM on a Saturday. (Party Hardy!)