Trying a new plugin for the website. Hold tight!

(Thanks to Mz. Elvira for making the end of our september wet with anticipation! Luckily I still have a bunker full of paper towels from the first wave of COVID. *ba dum tish*)

So! We have the collaboration of Etsy & the website sorted and running, but some of the colors are still out of our reach. When it comes to website design, I’m basically a cranky SOB and I want things to look the way I have it on my head. Sadly, the last time I was hand-coding pages before this was over a decade ago, and I like the current frameworks available but it always feels like a little bit of a struggle to get things where I want.

The shop page is now an extension of our Etsy website, but as you can see the colors are not great (White div backgrounds? In this house of the Lord?!) and I am working on this in hopes we can find an agreement. Etsy has been the easiest for us to use thus far, but as this is a project/business a long time in the making, we also want to have as much control over it as possible. If Woocommerce wasn’t such a pain in the nuts to set up & pay for, we’d be well on our way towards having the type of website we wanted from square one, but if you read our previous post, you understand that wasn’t going to happen.

On top of this, we are also waiting to see if the two local YEG markets we were able to get into ( Witchery Market, ALT after dark ) are waiting to hear what the health minister says about Alberta’s Delta+ COVID waves that have basically run asunder because Neo-Con crybabies have politicized a piece of cloth used for hundreds of years to prevent spreading what I very scientifically have named ‘flying mouth yuck’. ( I’m a very smart human person, thank you. I’ll be expecting my giant Nobel chocolate coin award this month.)

Until the next update, make sure to stay tuned to our news feed or any of the social media places we have, all listed along the bottom footer. Be safe, and keep your fingers crossed for us!