Upcoming shows, items, and retail pop-ups!

Woof. It’s been a week+ since the last update, and there’s so much going on that I’m glad my head fell off my body years ago otherwise I would’ve broken my neck with the speed it’s been spinning! So much new stuff, new beginnings, new opportunities! It’s enough to make a ghoul like myself build my own mausoleum to house all of these ventures! So, let’s see if I can organize this in a way that makes sense:

  •  Upcoming Shows:  We have two shows happening in the span of 2 weeks, and due to the supply-line issues happening globally right now, we’ve basically had to stop making things because we don’t have a good supply of the resin, wax, and other things we use for the bulk of our products. However, we are going to saddle up and make the best of the situation and try to throw everything we have at the wall, including one-offs that we have not photographed yet.
    • The Witchery MarketOctober 15th, 16th, 17th

      The lovely soul who runs is a mix between Local Wise-folx Royalty and Tireless Events Manager. For the time I’ve been up in Canada I have never had a bad experience with them and have gone to multiple markets they have collaborated with. We could not be more thankful (and honestly shocked!) that we made it into the market on our first try.
    • Alt After Dark MarketOctober 29th @ 7p~11pAlt After Dark Halloween Market - Advertising ImageWe had heard about this market from a number of friends in the Edmonton ASM as well as the cool folks who run Craft & Cork. We were accepted and to the delight of the people we told they said “You’ll like this. Its later, a older crowd, and very laid back.” Come visit our booth where both Aster & I will be selling a spooky selection of our store items including never-before seen one-offs!
  • Upcoming Items As said in the beginning of the post, it is October 11th (Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!) and we are experiancing a severe supplies shortage due to the effect that COVID (…and non-compliant governments… 😡) have had on the frontline workers who are paid nothing and still expected to basically weather a multi-year, multi-wave pandemic as if there was no other job out there in the world. Understandably, strikes and job retention has become a severe issue for USPS, UPS, and even the Canada Post. Because we rely on ALL of these vendors and more for supplies (FedEx, DHL, Purolator, etc.) and we are not actual screeching banshees (Karens for Lich King 2024, anyone?), we are weathering the storm and supporting our local parcel carriers as much as possible. So even if there are not any huge things being reveiled yet, know that they are in the works and will be up on the website once we are able to make enough of a stock for each to save on listing costs.(Want to see the new stuff? Click on our Facebook or Instagram icons in the footer!)
  • Upcoming Pop-ups Out of the blue we received an invitation from the Goth Luxe Divas at INCHOO BIJOUX  for help with opening their new brick and mortar in downtown Montréal. I don’t know if you have seen the items they have, but Mon Dieu! If Morticia Addams and Sarah Paulson from AHS: Coven had some sort of lovers trist that was born from high fashion and small-batch jewelry metalsmithing, INCHOO BIJOUX would be the result. Because they are far enough away (and we are but poor starving ghouls, ourselves) we are not able to make the grand opening, but we sure did send them a massive amount of items to help fill out the store on the grand opening weekend. Can’t make it in person? Make sure to visit their website link above!For those wondering, we are still working with Where Faeries Live on getting our items under their roof. Because there are so many talented creators in the area & the economy is still basically garbage due to COVID and it’s surrounding circumstances, we need to wait a bit longer until they have room on their shelves for more goodies. Both Aster & I can tell you that the store owners are absolutely wonderful folx and we stand behind them strongly for everything they have done to help Pagans & Spiritualists in the Edmonton Area. While you’re waiting, make sure to visit their store if you are coming out of town for any of the shows listed above!

That’s all from me for now! I will be trying to get as much website-fiddling and social-media posting as I can tonight. Wish me luck!